Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Barbeque Grill Types

NATURAL GAS GRILL uses natural gas from home. You can control temperature and burner control for different surfaces of grill like BBQ, ribbed, non stick, wok and flat. The gas grills are easy to clean.


PROPANE Gas GRILLS can also be used for small areas.

CHARCOAL GRILL needs charcoal and lighter fluid to operate. They come in smaller sizes suitable for apartments or small homes. They are easy to clean.

SMOKER GRILLS can be used for different flavors by using different wood types.

Things needed

Dish Cloth

Dish Soap

Steel Wool Pads

Spray Cooking Oil

Aluminum Foil

Dry Baking Soda


Brush using Brass wire grill brush after use.

Spray Cooking Oil on grill when cold

Apply Baking soda and scrub the grill

Clean using Aluminum foil

Use Dish soap to clean all Racks

Maintain properly on a fixed schedule to avoid rust problems.

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