Fri. Dec 9th, 2022


3 TS Vegetable Oil

2 TS Oil

1 LB Chicken Breast

2 TS Chicken Tandoori Masala

2 TS Garlic

2 TS Ginger

5 Green Chilis

3 Red Chilis

1 Cup Yogurt

1 Big Red Onion


Cut Onions into small pieces

Chop Chicken into medium size pieces

Cut green chilis and red chilis

Use large pan and put vegetable oil

Add onions, green chilis, red chilis, yogurt, salt

Add 2 cups water

Add Chicken pieces

Add Ginger and Garlic

Add Chicken Tandoori Mix

Mix well and Fry for 5 minutes

Put in a bowl and refrigerate for 8 hours

Separate into 20 portions and make rolls

Use pan and oil

Put 5 rolls at a time and keep in hot oil until. brown.

Place rolls into paper towels.

By admin