Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Saffron is added to Rice for flavor and taste. There are four Ingredients in Risotto : Soffritto, Broth, Flavor and Rice. Soffritto is mixture of vegetables, butter, oil and onions. Broth can be vegetable, fish, chicken and beef. Flavor ingredient can be truffles or saffron adds great smell and taste. Fourth ingredient is Italian Rice. Rice is roasted and added to Broth. There are many types of Italian Rice types available.

RISOTTO is famous in Veneto, Italy. Risotto is great appetizer in Italian restaurant. Sometimes rice is cooked in Olive oil or butter. Fish can also be added to Broth. In some places, pumpkin, radicchio and asparagus, beans, peas are added for Broth. Sopressata is salami meat.

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